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Signs When a woman is Tired and Done with You

  1. There are lots of signs to look in a woman but one of the hardest one is to know when she’s done with you as a man, Women hardly gets tired of a man, but when she is, then she is, And mostly just as men find it difficult to fall for a woman, a woman is most likely to dump a man when he finally fell really hard, and is unable to pick up himself and move on.

Now lets look at the signs,.

When a woman is done, She avoid you, Not just avoiding you in person, she avoids you emotionally, when you need her she will begin to give excuses, when you share an opinion she lack words to contribute, when you down and need someone to talk you she’s unavailable, she’ll rather stay with her friends.

She doesn’t care no more, whether you are alive, sick or dead she doesn’t give a damn, If you guys are staying together, you’d realise she will stopping caring about you, what you eat or how you dress, unlike before when she’ll ask what have you eaten or what you’d like to eat so she’ll hurry to prepare, or how she’ll compliment your looks.

But now she gives you blind eyes, like its none of her business kind of life, And if you guys are really staying together, that means she’s just there to put herself together and will leave at the slightest opportunity., And you may hardly realise that she’s done, you’ll just think she angry of something. but nah honey, she’s done.

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And These signs could be caused by two things either she has fallen inlove with another man, or she’s fed up with your habits.

And when it gets to this kind of point, don’t do anything extra, just let her go, let her go, so she can sort herself out pls.


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