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Signs That Your Boyfriend is No Longer Inlove With You, Its Time to Move On.

When a Man is inlove with a woman, he can cross the ocean to bring you sand, He can climb the mountain to bring you rose, But when he falls out of love with you.

He wont be able to carry a pot of beans for you, lol.. And thats it.

Once a man falls out of love, You suddenly begin to irritate him,  He feel disgusted by your sight, He wont see you as someone he can tell his secrets again.

Your Presence means nothing to him, He will begin to look for all means to take you off his site, Now unlike we women that once we done with man will show it instantly.

Men differs, their own comes gradually, They are done with you in their mind, but will still be sleeping with you, that if they so wishes, and you won’t even know they done with you.

He know his mind and his knows you mean absolutely nothing to him, but he’s still gonna bang that body, and Beef you.

It takes time to realize it when a man is done with you, cos he won’t show it immediately, but he will be giving you signs.

For instance, he will start giving you excuses on seeing you, A man that can’t go a day without you, suddenly is so busy that he cant call you for the whole day.

A man that asks you, if you have eaten or how was your day, suddenly is so busy that he can’t even pick your calls.

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A man that takes your needs as his priority, suddenly says he’s too busy to concentrate on you.

He Only calls you in the night, mostly when he wants you to come over, so he can sleep with you, you are his bedmatics satisfaction.

Sister when you see those signs, just know that boy is done with you, like done done, move on quickly.

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