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Nigerian Girls are Boring — Nigerian Guy

A Nigerian guy has taken to a Facebook platform to narrate the stress of ‘Chatting with a typical Nigerian Girl’.

Read His Narrative below:

When it comes to chatting, Nigeria girls are the most boring creatures on earth. I can’t deal with them. They chat with u like they are doing u a favour. You talk to them online and they chat like its 100 questions game quiz, they act like u should just do the chatting while they do the replying.

The funniest thing is that some of these girls may even be crushing on u and wishing u were their boyfriend yet they kill the vibes
while chatting.

For example, I may be telling you in details how my day went, I expect u to be like, oh are u serious, oh my gosh, I believe u must have been so tired after everything, so what really caused the whole thing, or u could want to be inquisitive on the details but on the other hand, u just reply with words like, ok, k, hmmmm. If u meet a person online give them a benefit of doubt. Later u girls would be complaining that Nigerian guys are not romantic when u can’t keep a conversation going without being self engulfed.

If I say Hi, how are u, what stops u from saying fine and u? But no 90% will just say fine and expect u to keep the conversation
going. For example,

Me: Hello, how are u doing?
Girl: fine
Me: how is your day going?
Girl: fine
The worst part is when u are being k-ed
Me: hello
Girl: k

This is why sometimes I don’t chat. I can’t be stressed the whole day then u will come online nd stress me again. Some of u girls are proud to say that in every girl’s inbox, there is a guy chatting with himself. Today he will say Hello, tomorrow he will answer himself Hi…

Very annoying
Nigerian girls over to you.is dis true

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