#LifeOfABlogger: Having Sliced Cucumber and Fried Potatoes for Dinner!😳

Hey EGBites I will be hosting the #LifeOfABlogger Series On here, Its going to be awesome every evening I would share with you how I succumb to the ambitious life Of a Blogger.

My name is Joel Williams and I really want to thank My Boss Lady , Ebiwali for giving me this platform to share my experience, I admonish every author of this blog to use the #LifeOfABlogger Hash Tag in case they want to narrate their own experience as bloggers.


For Me, I am ambitious, not too ambitious any, My determination to succeed threw me to the shackles of Hunger today, and all I could do for dinner was a plate of cucumber and fried potato,I don’t know the nutritional benefit of what I prepared, but the taste was awesome, try it out!

As a Blogger, I barely have time… I barely have time to look after my own stomach, its as if my morning starts with the internet and ends with the Internet, if you have same experience share it in the comment section I will be reading comments.

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