Jonathan disclose the one Woman he pitied during his ordeals as President & it’s NOT Patience

It is no longer news that Former President Goodluck Jonathan, who celebrated his 61st birthday recently, also launched his published book titled, My Transition Hours .

Jonathan disclose the one Woman he pitied during his ordeals as President & it's NOT Patience

According to the former president, the pictures of his mock casket staged by anti-fuel subsidy removal protesters and showed on National television stations left his mother traumatized.

Jonathan said, “The protests continued unabated. In all of these, one woman I pitied most was my aged mother who was with me in the State House.

“Every day, she watched on television protesters carrying a casket with my picture on it and having the inscription ‘Rest In Peace.’

“I could imagine her trauma. This is a woman who had 10 live births with only my elder sister and I surviving.”

He further said, “In Lagos State for instance, it was like a carnival. Musicians, comedians and other celebrities were engaged by opposition elements to join the protests. Refreshments were served to protesters.

“Every morning Lagos State government workers cleaned up the Gani Fawehinmi Park and prepared it for the day’s protests. It appeared as though the protesters were very special guests of the Lagos State Government. Similar scenarios played out in other opposition controlled states.”

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