How to Know When a Man Loves U


Yea, I know i may be a celibate and all, But that doesn’t mean i dont know anything about Relationships, Trust me i have been in relationships.

Like up to 3 since i was deflowered, lol.  so to an extent am experienced, And yes when a man loves you is very obvious, Not by words but by his actions and composure.

I will list just 3 major reasons.

Now lets go:

  1. He Listens attentively

Thats right when a man loves you he gives you listening ears, at all times, as a matter of fact he will ask you first to tell him about you, he will want to know everything about you baby girl, He enjoys when you talk, Note: Not nagging, not getting angry unnecessarily, But telling him things that are productive.

2. He wants your opinion.

Look, There’s not two ways about it, Even you as a woman if you love someone and get comfortable with them, of-course you’d like to share your inner most matters with the person, it makes you feel free of yourself.

Samething goes for the man, Once he finds you trustworthy and matured, he will have no boundaries in sharing his inner most opinions with you. When he’s coming back from work he wants to share his activities with you.

If he has a dream and vision he’s working on, he will always want to give you update, Not The ones that only talk about how they drink and drink everyday o.

Am talking about the responsible ones.

3. He Gets you gifts.

Forget that talk that we are just getting to know each other thing, When a man loves you he will get you gifts, Because my dear he wants to please you, he wants to make you happy, He wants to see you smile, And that my dear is love.

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Same thing goes for you, For instance if you love something wouldn’t you like to keep it? Ofcourse you would like to. You will like to please and do everything to keep that thing happy.

And this is the same with me.


Yep, Lemme stop here for now, Next post is for men. gatcha.

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