Hey Guys! We Finally Move to WordPress, Check Out How it Looks (Video)

Hi Guys It feels so Good here, Although am still trying to get used to the interface and the Dashboard, You know i was so used to Blogger and all, but its still cool, Will catch up.

The Engineers are still putting things together, But We are back and everything is normal again, I know ya’ll missed me and all, But am here now.

Now guys, i have some good news for you, i got a new idea to bring ya’ll closer to the news.

In doing that I will start adding short videos clip to almost of the posts we make, Like Before i make a post, Either Politics, Celebrity, Viral anyone, i will add a short clip of how i reacted when i first saw the news.

You know, you guys don’t get to see my reactions the moments i see news, sometimes i get really emotional, heartbroken and Angry especially for Political News, And those moments is what i want to start putting up as videos for you to see.

So yea, You’ll get  to watch me now, all my moments, This is just my own way of having more connection with you.

Ok, So i even made a video for it, which is even our first video ever. lol. You guys will start to see more of my face everyday.,

Don’t mind my shyness watch it below, And comment what you think about the idea.

Thanks thanks and kisses.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Wow, that’s a fantastic idea, we wait.

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