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Ebiwali Exclusive: Possible Reasons why Donjazzy is not Married at 36

The rate of Marriagelessness among Celebrities this days is not decreasing,Don Jazzy’s situation is kind of perculiar because there is no sign of his wedding coming anytime soon.

Why is Jazzy still single? Here are possible reasons why Don Jazzy is not Married at 36..

  • He is Impotent! Its possible he is Impotent,Don jazzy been a good guy wont want to put his wife in such bad stae
  • He used his Dick for money ritual! I dont know! I am not certain ..I just feel he used his dick for money ritual just so Mavin will get to where it is today,this speculations has been ongoing for a long time.
  • He’s a closeted Dick Sucker, Not sure,he has not exhibited any gay trait that can tag him one,dem no dey write am for face sha
  • He just likes his private space and has no time for emotional drama
  • He cant make a lady cum in bed
  • He has a pen cover for a dick
  • He just doesnt want to get Married.

Even Don Jazzy’s mum had asked him if he’s thing is still working months ago on Instagram,biko No offence,My body dey pain me.

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